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  • Kansas Handwriting Curricular Standards -

    Watch the video and read about Kansas Handwriting Curricular Standards development!

  • C3 Project Update (December 2014) -

    Kansas Teacher Licensure Process Improvement


The Central Comprehensive Center (C3) is part of a national network of centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to support the improvement of educational outcomes. The state portals below provide information about the Center's work in each state along with state education-related data, technical assistance contacts, and the membership of the State Coordinating Council.

C3 Region


Kansas in the Spotlight!

Kansas Handwriting Curricular Standards    Kansas Teacher Licensure Process Improvement

Priority Reform Initiatives

The U.S. Department of Education has established a series of reform initiatives the Comprehensive Centers are charged with supporting through assistance to the state departments of education. C3 has created portals dedicated to each specific priority reform initiative with information about the ongoing technical assistance work with each state, related resources on this site, links to relevant state information, and other resources.

College & Career ReadyHighly Effective Teachers & LeadersLow Performing SchoolsEarly LearningRigorous Instructional PathwaysInnovative Approaches to Teaching and LearningData-based Decision-making
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