C3/SC3 Year 5 Regional Advisory Board Meeting

C3 and SC3 will convene the annual cross-regional advisory board on Aug. 22-23, 2017, as required by federal grant stipulations, with the goal of receiving recommendations from stakeholders from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma (SC3 region) and Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri (C3 region).  The meeting's theme is "The Changing Landscape of Education." C3/SC3 staff will provide information and request input on the areas of changes in the SEA educational support system, changes in the local educational delivery system, and changes in states' ability to provide all students with equitable access to an excellent education.

Purposes of the meeting include the following:


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  1. About the Regional Advisory Boards
  2. Agenda
  3. Arts Integration (Paper by Biscoe and Wilson)
  4. Panel Members and Topics
  5. Panelist Biographies
  6. Participants List
  7. Welcome Letter
  8. What Does C3 Do?
  9. What Does SC3 Do?
  10. What's a Comprehensive Center?