The Central Comprehensive Center (C3) works with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to improve educational outcomes for 910,280 K-12 students in 178 districts and 1,888 schools in the state. This state portal contains state highlights of project stories, selected state initiatives, state data sources, state coordinating council, and a list of Colorado projects.

Selected State Initiatives

Aligned and meaningful assessments

This CDE website provides Colorado educators information about the state's assessment program.

Coherent and rigorous academic standards

This CDE website supports Colorado educators as they implement the state’s academic standards.

Innovative and engaging learning options

As noted at the CDE website, "CDE's Innovation, Choice and Engagement Division focuses on expanding learning opportunities for each student by looking beyond the typical school building, day, and calendar."

School Improvement Grant Program

This CDE website provides Colorado districts and schools information on its School Improvement Grant program.

Statewide and district accountability

This CDE website provides Colorado educators information on district and school performance expectations, performance measurement, and support to maintain high-performing schools. Visit to learn more about LLC formation in Colorado.

Supported and effective educators

This CDE website supports the development, recruitment, and ongoing support of effective educators.

State Data Sources

  • Population Characteristics
  • Student Demographics
  • ED Facts State Trends Profile
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • English Language Acquisition – Title III Program Information
  • Kids Count Data
  • Early Childhood Data
  • More Colorado Resources in Ed on the Web

Our Projects

The Projects for Colorado will be updated soon.

State Coordinating Council

C3 works with CDE on projects and services defined in cooperation with the C3 Colorado SCC. The Council works to identify Colorado's priorities and changing educational needs. CDE leadership meets regularly with C3 staff members, partners, and collaborators to maintain the flow of communication and plan technical assistance services.

The membership of the State Coordinating Council will be announced soon.

News in Focus

Work-Based Learning in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma October 25, 2018

C3 and SC3 support Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas teams in the State Work-Based Learning Initiative!

Formative Assessment Bi-regional Advisory Board Leadership Summit March 27, 2018

The Central and South Central Comprehensive Centers (C3/SC3) at the University of Oklahoma (OU) and the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI) held the Formative Assessment Bi-regional Advisory Board (FAB-RAB) Leadership Summit on March 12-13, 2018.

Colorado Highlighted Project - Turnaround Leadership Program July 28, 2014