Rigorous Instructional Pathways

science classroom with DNA modelEnhancing the college and career readiness of American students requires improvement of the instructional process. Rigorous instructional pathways provide

  • learning supports for students,
  • rigorous programs of study, and
  • aligned resources, structures, and supports.

The Rigorous Instructional Pathways priority supports the successful transition of all students from secondary education to college and careers without the need for remediation. To support this priority, the U.S. Department of Education has created the Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation.

  • Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation
  • Find What Works
  • Education Resources Information Center
  • What Works Clearinghouse
  • Arkansas – Common Core State Standards Initiative
  • Colorado – Office of Standards and Instructional Support
  • Kansas – Curricular Standards, Model Standards, and Resources
  • Louisiana – Academic Standards
  • Missouri – Learning Standards
  • New Mexico – Content Standards with Benchmarks and Performance Standards
  • Oklahoma – Academic Standards