Arts Integration

Image of a colorful brain with the words Arts Integration

Arts integration teaches core academic content through the use of multiple art forms, such as drama, visual arts, music, and dance. Arts integration is a strategy to motivate and engage students, promote academic success, reach disengaged students, and turn schools around. Arts integration is also an instructional approach that can transform a school culture, enhance students' personal competencies, and accelerate learning. As stated in Arts Integration As a Strategy to Improve Teaching and Learning, Promote Personal Competencies, and Turn Around Low-Performing Schools authored by SC3 Director Belinda Biscoe and Oklahoma City Public Schools Principal Kirk Wilson, "Integrating methods from the arts with content from various subject areas leavens the learning experience in ways that result in greater mastery of the subject objectives as well as greater understanding and appreciation of the arts. Arts integration also enhances the student's capacity and desire to learn." The goal of this portal is to provide online resources, examples of various Arts Integration programs, and to showcase how successful Arts Integration has improved not only how students learn, but also changed how they feel about school and their own educational aptitude.

New Mexico Arts Integration Program (SC3 Projects Update May 2016) June 01, 2016

An arts integration experience for New Mexico to build capacity to support and implement a program for some of its districts and schools is underway. To support this endeavor, SC3 connected NMPED Priority Schools Bureau leadership, Eubank Academy of Fine Arts, and APS with Wilson Arts Integration Elementary School in Oklahoma City.

SC3 Regional SIG Summit March 31, 2014

The SC3 Regional SIG Summit will be held on April 10-11, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana.